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To our customers, the companies we franchise, our staff and our industry;
• With a sincere, respectful and honest understanding,
• With development based on constantly improving product and service quality,
• Believing that success results from synergy,
• Understanding the needs of our customers and providing service are our indispensable values.

Understanding the customer's expectations and needs correctly, continuing our work in a customer-oriented manner, constantly increasing the quality of our service without compromising honesty as we grow as a company, always maintaining our commitment to the customer by completing our work on time are the factors that we, as a company, attach importance to and always pay attention to in our working lives.

The customers we work with are aware that they can trust us, and the sustainability of this will be ensured by our fair working approach.
Today, Sabit Teknik Hırdavat serves you with its 2 stores with a closed area of 6,000 m2, a fleet of 17 vehicles, over 3,000 active customers and a product portfolio of more than 40,000 varieties, with high service and service quality.

Sabit Teknik Hırdavat supports its customers' business and production processes with the principle of fast material supply, with its rich product range consisting of fasteners, welding materials, power tools, industrial gases, hand tools, drill and cutting tools, cutters, abrasive sandpaper and stones.

It continues to grow day by day with its unique and high-quality product portfolio, reaching every point in Turkey, rich product range and customer-friendly sales conditions, and being the distribution channel of large companies.

Our company purchases and sells goods not only in Izmir and the Aegean region, but throughout Turkey, thanks to its strong and long-term commercial relations. Our company has become a well-known company in the Turkish market with its good service approach thanks to its deep-rooted relationships.

Sabit Teknik Hırdavat Ltd acts with the belief of being a young, dynamic, researching, leading company that is a source of trust to its customers and proves its promise with its works. As a dealer of brands that are renowned in their fields in Turkey and around the world, Sabit Teknik Hırdavat specializes in identifying the products that customers need during production processes, ensuring the supply of materials in the fastest way and providing superior after-sales services.

Our company, which strives to reach larger audiences and develop, is growing day by day. We are proud to be the most reliable leading company as a result of the development of both our country and our company in this process of more than 25 years.

For our company, which works customer-oriented always and everywhere, serving with a sincere, respectful and honest approach, with development based on constantly increasing product and service quality, believing that success results from synergy, understanding the needs of our customers, are our indispensable values.

In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, the Sales and Marketing team also provides technical support and training services for the promotion and application of many products upon request. It has gained a position that makes a difference in the sector by certifying its quality standard with the ISO 9001 certificate in 2010 and the ISO 9001:2015 certificate it acquired in 2017.

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